Nadia Sawalha shows off curves in blue bikini as she takes dip in sea

In footage published to Instagram today from last year’s sunshine getaway in Crete, Nadia Sawalha stripped down to a bikini and began playfully splashing in the ocean.

At one point, the waves drenched her as they cascaded above her and then came crashing down – but, undeterred, Nadia laughed merrily.

She’d been drinking the traditional Greek alcoholic drink Ouzo before enjoying some time in the sea.

Sharing the story behind the video footage, Nadia quipped: “Maybe I had had an accidental glass of Ouzo!! My kids secretly filming me on holiday… last year.”

Her two daughters, 20-year-old Maddie and 15-year-old Kiki-Bee, are shared with her husband Mark Adderley – and they are known for their love of mischief.

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Nadia’s Instagram followers were equally teasing, with one, @lauraleeparker, joking: “Sharks bite at night – yikes!!!”

The seaside footage of Loose Women star Nadia struggling against the strength of the waves demonstrated she didn’t mind laughing at herself lightheartedly.

The video follows on from her regular satire videos poking fun at other celebrities, with her most recent one targeting Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth has often found herself at the centre of ridicule for her quirky products, including selling vagina-scented candles and vampire-repellent spray.

Mocking one of her videos extolling the virtues of her “super soft skin”, Nadia created her own “just woken up” video, quipping: “If I’ve been out the night before, I find falling asleep on the sofa really helps me.

“Mine and @gwynethpaltrow tips on how to be ‘morning ready’ for anything?! We’ve really bonded recently me and Gwyn,” she captioned the video, which had her followers in stitches.

Nadia has also gently poked fun at Nigella Lawson recently.

In one video, she stripped down to a bright red bra, which was poking through a slip dress that left little to the imagination, before mimicking Nigella’s typical demeanour.

She captioned her clip with a nod to the way the TV cook pronounces the word ‘microwave’, joking: “Nagella / Nigella … no difference … #MICROWAVEEEE.”

Then she playfully exposed her husband with the words: “Camera – a very hot under the collar @mark_adderley.”

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