Naga Munchetty told to stop defending Covid scheme by Alastair Campbell in heated clash

Naga Munchetty clashes with Alastair Campbell over pilot scheme

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Double-jabbed Health Secretary Sajid Javid, 51, tested positive for coronavirus and is currently self-isolating with mild symptoms. Boris Johnson, 57, who had been in contact with him, is now also in isolation after previously insisting they would be part of a pilot scheme.

The scheme would mean they would be tested daily and did not have to quarantine.

Boris has since made a U-turn on his decision and said on Twitter he will be self-isolating until Monday.

Rishi Sunak is also in quarantine after being in close contact with Sajid.

Discussing Freedom Day, Naga brought in Peter Hitchens, a newspaper columnist, and Alistair Campbell, the former director of communication for Tony Blair.

Peter told Naga Munchetty he wasn’t “full of joy” about the restrictions being eased as coronavirus cases continue to sore.

Alastair also shared his thoughts and slammed Boris for acting “too slow” when the virus first spread.

He went on to accuse the Prime Minister of putting other problems before the pandemic, such as “messing around with Christmas” last year.

Following the release of lockdown measures, he also shared his thoughts on how the public were now allowed to make their own judgement during the pandemic, but not when it came to the Test and Trace system.

He added: “They’re basically saying, ‘You’re on your own’.”

Interrupting, Naga queried: “But isn’t that what we expect as a country? We expect some level of independency and to be treated as grown-ups.”

Alastair went on say of Boris’ pilot scheme: “Yesterday was an absolute classic of its kind, where Javid gets Covid, Johnson and Sunak get pinged, they make up a few rules.”

He then accused the Prime Minister of breaking the law and putting his staff at risk, if he did have coronavirus.

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“Let’s be clear about this, he was a part of a test scheme,” Naga clarified. “They do exist, Alastair.”

“No, please Naga,” her BBC Radio 5 Live guest could be heard saying repeatedly.

As the writer continued to hit out at the Government, she reminded him there were “special schemes” in place.

Their heated debate was stopped by guest Peter, who went on to share his views about the impact of lockdown and the Government’s response.

Alastair said he disagreed with “massive amounts” of what Peter said as he claimed the Government had failed on their seven standards of public life; Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

“Naga you don’t have to defend them on this, they fail regularly on all seven… because of that, we are in a bigger mess than we should.

“Around the world, these people [health experts and scientists] are looking at Britain and thinking, ‘What an earth are they doing now?’”

The Naga Munchetty show airs Monday to Wednesday on BBC Radio 5 Live at 10am.

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