Nate Diaz Teammate Chris Avila Calls Out Tommy Fury, AJ McKee

Let’s do math, combat sports math with Nate Diaz‘s teammate and close friend, fighter Chris Avila … who explains to TMZ Sports why he’ll beat Tommy Fury, IF Tyson‘s younger bro accepts a fight.

We talked to 28-year-old Avila in Tampa after he picked up a unanimous decision win over Anthony Taylor … and he told us he wants Fury next and believes he has an advantage.

Why? Because they both faced Taylor … and Avila tells us Fury struggled with a guy he easily handled.

“Tommy Fury got beat up by the guy I beat tonight which is funny. He obviously won but he did get beat up in that fight. It’s light work. It’s just another fight, Tommy Fury, don’t be scared. You’re a bitch and so is AJ McKee.”

Fury did beat AT … but Chris says he struggled more than he did in the fight.

Now, if the Fury fight doesn’t happen … Chris says he wants to box Bellator champ AJ McKee.

Avila and McKee’s friends are beefin’ … and actually got into a mini brawl at an event the day before the Jake PaulTyron Woodley fight.

“Although I fought Anthony, whatever his name is, he’s a no-name. Don’t ever bring up his name with my name again because he’s a nobody,” Chris says.

“But even though his boy, his teammate is AJ McKee, Bellator champ, he’s next! He’s next. He can come get inside the ring with me as long as it’s not a bitch ass and he ain’t scared. Bring it on!”

And Avila believes he’ll win, easily … ’cause “Size, experience, everything. Bellator f*****g spoon-fed that lil’ bitch. He’s a bitch.”

Nate Diaz also made a cameo … and addressed Jake Paul’s callout of him after he knocked out Woodley.

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