Omar Epps Baffled After Complete Stranger Files for Restraining Order Against Him

The ‘Love and Basketball’ star insists he never came into contact with the man who requested a restraining order against him as he describes the man as ‘a complete stranger.’

AceShowbizOmar Epps is urging a judge to ignore a restraining order request filed against him by a man he insists he has never even met.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the “Love & Basketball” star was forced to file a response to the order of protection, filed by a 36-year-old Los Angeles man, who alleged Omar was harassing him.

In his response, Epps has insisted the accuser is a “complete stranger.”

“I have never met him,” the actor writes. “I have never spoken to him. I have never had any direct or indirect contact with him. I have never previously written about him. I had never even heard of (him) until I was served with his application for a restraining order.”

He adds, “I have no intention or desire whatsoever to make contact with, associate with, or communicate with (him) in any way. I am a fairly visible public figure, and mostly known for my work as an actor. I believe (the man) may know of me only because of my professional work.”

Omar’s attorney has also blasted the allegations, adding, “The allegations of wrongdoing against Mr. Epps are entirely imagined and categorically false… He claims Mr. Epps writes about (him) not by using his name but by calling him (by a nickname). The man claims he was choked in jail by some unnamed person, not Mr. Epps.”

“Astonishingly, the person claims Mr. Epps somehow broke INTO a jail cell at the court lockup and sat on his lap while he was in custody. Yet, he presents absolutely no evidence of any of his untrue claims because no evidence exists.”

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