Original Julie Mariana Lessa Reacts To The New ‘Julie & The Phantoms’

Mariana Lessa shared her reaction to the new Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms!

The 28-year-old Brazilian actress actually starred as Julie in the original Brazilian version Julie e os Fantasmas.

Fun fact: In the new Netflix version, the school’s Principal Lessa’s name is actually a nod to Mariana.

Mariana tuned in as soon as Julie and the Phantoms was available to watch in her country and shared her reactions on her Instagram story.

“Really, I am speechless. Guys, amazing. Amazing. Really… Oh my god,” she said in one story, while fighting tears.

She then shared another story during the “Bright” performance in episode two, and while crying, Mariana said, “Oh my god, you guys make me cry.”

New Julie, Madison Reyes, shared the videos on her own Instagram story and wrote, “This made my whole week,” and “I’m not crying there just something in my eyes.”

Mariana also reposted again, and said, “You’re amazing,” to Madison.

In case you missed it, see what Madison said about having the support and blessing from Mariana.

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