Peter Andres son Junior joins him on stage for surprise performance at festival

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Peter Andre surprised fans this weekend at the Fantasia Festival in Maldon, Essex as his son Junior jumped up on stage to join him.

Wearing a camouflage tracksuit, Junior got the mic from his father and spoke to the crowd before hugging Peter and running back off stage.

The entire day at the Fantasia Festival was dedicated to groundbreaking performers from the 90s, with Peter being joined by Five, S Club and Spice Girls tribute act Wannabe.

Peter took to Instagram to talk about his surprise visit on stage, posting a photo of his son with the caption: "I love my boy. So much.

"He decided to walk on stage and say hello to everyone yesterday and thousands gave him love back.

"Actually I’m surprised he got out of bed for the occasion"

Fans at the event filled the comments section praising Junior, calling him "lovely", "adorable" and "amazing".

While Junior was with his father for the event, his mother Katie has gone away on holiday to St Lucia.

Peter and Junior have always had a close relationship, with the pair even coming together for a Father’s Day photoshoot with OK! in June to discuss their relationship.

When Peter was asked what he thought of Junior growing up so quickly as he was about to turn 16 and start driving, Peter said: "It’s crazy to think about. For his birthday he wants things I really don’t want him to have. For example, earrings, a moped and a few other things,

“I get why he wants the earrings and he’s a good-looking lad, but it scares me. I’m scared of the moped as I’ve never ridden a motorbike, but Junior has assured me they can only go 30mph and can’t go on certain roads.

"So maybe I’m overthinking it. He could rebel, but then the difference is he wouldn’t be coming into my house! Maybe I’ll agree to one of his requests… or none."

Peter has been valuing the opportunity to interact with Junior as he nears adulthood and spoke about enjoying being able to get a coffee together.

He said: "He’s nearly 16 but I feel like I’m a young 48-year-old and we’ve got to the stage now where we can go out for a coffee and have a really nice time together.

"He has a heart of gold and he’s a beautiful kid.

"I couldn’t be prouder of the person he’s grown into. I can be strict but at the same time he knows if he’s ever concerned or upset he can talk to me about absolutely everything."

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