Piers Morgan furiously hits back at deluded selfish p***** telling him they dont care

GMB: Adil Ray takes cheeky dig at Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan, 56, has hit back at a Twitter user who told him they “don’t care” about the growing concerns over the speed of the Omicron coronavirus variant. The former Good Morning Britain presenter had shared a news article reporting that the “vast majority of Brits” were not protected against the new mutation “even after two jabs”.

In view of his 7.9 million followers, Piers wrote: “Very worrying, especially given the rapid speed of transmission.

“Crucial question now is how severe the disease is with Omicron? Nobody yet seems to really know.

“If it’s same as Delta, or worse, we’re in serious trouble.

“Even slightly milder could be awful given infection rate.” (sic)

More than 400 Twitter users replied to the tweet, while over 220 people liked it.

However, SamRogers_15 hit out at Piers: “Piers, we don’t care mate.”

Piers swiftly replied to the user, stressing that his post was not aimed at those who “don’t give a f*** about the pandemic”. 

The journalist furiously penned: “Relax, Sam.

“I’m not directing my comments to the 20% of British people like you who don’t give a f*** about the pandemic or its consequences for human life or the economy.

“I’m directing them at the 80% who aren’t dumb, deluded selfish p*****.”

The incendiary tweet sparked a debate among other Twitter users, as some applauded Piers’ remarks, while others differed.

alicethroughthe said: “Well said Piers – I’m baffled (but sometimes envious) of the blind cavalier attitude of some people to this virus.

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“I’m going to have my first drink inside a pub today since all this kicked off and after having my booster 10 days ago – I’ve only socialised outside so far!”

philwade added: “Time to start calling the anti-vax and anti-mask brigade pro-disease.

“Why would you want to put yourselves and those you love at risk?”

craifraiche argued: “Most folk use their common sense Piers.

“The scaremongering that you provide to your millions of followers by sharing (unproven) tabloid bollocks is not necessary.

“There is nothing to suggest that this variant is worse than others, stop trying to worry people unnecessarily.”

Craigando123 wrote: “More than 20% fella. Lot more don’t care.

“Live your life. Not in fear.”

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