Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Sign Multiyear Netflix Deal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their new calling after quitting their British royal day jobs — and it’s similar to her old one … they’re big-time Hollywood producers!!!

Harry and Meghan announced their new careers Wednesday, 6 months after leaving the royal fam and settling in California, they’re going to make content for Netflix.

The Duke and Duchess inked a multiyear deal with the streaming service, and the still-unnamed production company they founded will get a bunch of Netflix dough to make movies, scripted shows, documentaries, docu-series and children’s programming.

Forget the royal family, Harry and Meghan have found their own global platform in Tinseltown. Netflix has tons of reach, with 193 million subscribers across the globe.

Harry and Meghan will mostly be working behind the cameras, but they might appear on screen in documentaries. Meghan’s also open to voice-over work — as we know from her Disney project last year — but she’s made it clear she doesn’t plan to get back into acting. At least, that’s her plan for now.

Unclear how lucrative Harry and Meghan’s deal with Netflix is, they’re not exactly well-established producers, but the streaming service is known to make it rain on big-name talent.

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