Prince Harrys memoir is still set for publication in November, apparently

Keep in mind, we still don’t know when Prince Harry’s memoir was supposed to be published. The publisher has kept all of that information very close-hold. I believed – and I still believe – that Harry and Penguin Random House all know that as soon as the British media gets a firm release date, they’ll launch another huge smear campaign against both Harry and Meghan. If anything, now that QEII has passed and Charles is in charge, that’s probably doubly true. While the Sussexes have been captured on Salt Island for the past week, there’s been a near-constant hum of rumor-mongering about Harry’s memoir. Piers Morgan and several other commentators are crying about how Harry “needs” to simply not publish it now that his grandmother has passed. Nevermind that the book has probably already been printed and it will likely be ready to be shipped out in the next few months. In any case, Tom Bower – the same “biographer” who uses Deranger delusions as source material – says that Harry is apparently not changing the publication date at all.

Prince Harry is determined that that his much-hyped memoir be published in November as planned, despite the queen’s death, royal author Tom Bower has claimed.

Bower, author of the recent book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between The Windsors, speaking on U.K. channel GB News said: “I think it will get very ugly and I think that in the end it is down to whether Harry and Meghan are prepared to apologize to Kate and William. I’m convinced they won’t apologize. Even worse, I’m told tonight that Harry’s insisting that his book is published in November.”

Bower was speaking to journalist and presenter Dan Wootton, who first broke the news of Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family and has been a voracious critic of the couple. Bower added that the couple has little choice but to proceed with publication of the book because their “finances depend entirely on the book and on Netflix, and also I think they’ve convinced themselves they’re in the right and they want to get their own back.”

The threat of Harry’s memoir has been hanging over the royals for more than a year now, and has proved a significant barrier to reconciliation. Family and former staffers are deeply concerned the couple will use the book to settle scores.

Bower said: “The book is a time bomb. What William is trying to do, as is the king with that speech at the end where he said we love Harry and Meghan, is to defuse the time bomb, but the time bomb is ticking. Harry feels very committed to it as does Meghan and they now see it as a vehicle. This is their way to serve themselves. They have no sense anymore of what it’s like to be part of the family in Britain and that is the great tragedy. However hard King Charles and William try, it’s very, very difficult. I was surprised by the… appearance outside Windsor. So it was very, very clever of William to try and do it, but that walk doesn’t mean that the past can be forgotten and ignored.”

[From The Daily Beast]

In Omid Scobie’s column last week, he mentioned that the manuscript “was finished months ago (a fact known to all family members),” and that it’s not like Harry is going to suddenly add some new information to this memoir. Now, I bet Harry’s second memoir is going to be FIRE!!! LOL. The second memoir will be Harry Unchained! As for Bower’s comments… clearly, they’re just devastated at the idea that Harry is perfectly capable of telling his own story. Coming from Bower, who is still trying to actively profit from lying about the Sussexes, it’s especially stupid.

Speaking of, this clip from The Me You Can’t See has been making the rounds all week. I have always believed that this is what Harry’s memoir will be like – it will be Harry processing and explaining how his mental health was affected by his terrible family. The thing is, he’s already explained it in The Me You Can’t See, which so upset the British media that they barely even mention it. Because it was Harry saying, in his own words to camera, that the family was trying to kill his wife.

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