Rabbi Who Consulted Nick Cannon Says They're Continuing His Jewish Education

Nick Cannon‘s seeking enlightenment following his anti-Semitic comments and subsequent apology … according to Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who says they’re getting to work right away.

Rabbi Cooper tells us his first step was sending Cannon a report on Louis Farrakhan — whose teachings Nick has vocally supported — to show him the Minister’s pattern of hate speech … and then they started talking on the phone.

As you know … “The Masked Singer” host came under fire for pushing anti-Jewish rhetoric on his podcast, and though he was initially defiant … Nick eventually said he was sorry and credited Cooper for helping him understand why his words were hurtful.

The rabbi says Cannon was apologetic upfront, but more importantly … he listened when Cooper explained how some of his perceived “facts” were actually hateful and harmful propaganda.

Rabbi Cooper says Nick’s owned up to his wrongdoing, and he’s even requested another discussion to gain more knowledge. The rabbi’s obliging and says their having a face-to-face meeting Thursday evening, which he thinks could lead to some major progress.

As we reported …FOX said it believes Nick’s apology shows he’s remorseful, and as a result, it’s keeping him on as host of “The Masked Singer.”

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