Rebel Wilson Was Injured While Taking ‘Hot Photos’ at the Beach in Mexico

Ouch! Rebel Wilson had a little mishap while taking “hot photos” at the beach in Mexico.

The 40-year-old actress took to her Instagram Stories on Friday morning (November 6) to share a story of what happened.

“Okay guys, little bit of a massive incident,” Rebel said in the video. “We’re here in Mexico. We were taking hot photos out at the beach … Unfortunately, when we were doing that, [my friend’s] handbag washed into the ocean. It had her passport in it.”

Rebel added, “I’m like ‘I’ll get it,’ because we gotta fly out today. And I got banged up.”

In the video, Rebel showed off scraped on her legs and wrist. She also had an ice pack on her chest. She said, “Basically my left boob took most of the impact and it is gonna be very swollen.”

Rebel sent a warning to her fans.

“So guys, warning. If you’re taking hot photos just be careful because the waves can get you,” she said. “Be ocean safe. Don’t let your own personal and health and safety get destroyed because honestly, my boob is already big and it’s going to be very swollen.”

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What up BE-AtCH! (Woke up early, ready to smash a beach run)

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