Ring Cameras Offering $1 Million For Footage Of Aliens, UFOs

ring ufo

Ring, the company known for its doorbell and home security cameras, wants to see proof of alien life … and is offering up a hefty cash prize for anyone who can capture footage.

The company launched its “Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials” this week, offering up a $1M grand prize for anyone who has “unaltered proof of Extraterrestrial life” — specifically documented on one of its Ring cameras.

Ring says the footage can be of an unearthly being walking around your backyard, or even a UFO pullin’ up to your driveway … but all submitted materials will be looked at by an expert for approval.

Skeptics might see this as an easy challenge from Ring — putting up big bucks for something that may not be legit … but for those that buy the strange phenomenon, here’s your shot.

In case ya forgot, we spoke with Neil deGrasse Tyson in August about the potential of alien life visiting our planet — especially as the topic’s being taken more seriously in the U.S.

According to Neil, the high-tech world we live in is a reason why he’s not so sure UFOs are here … mostly because the only alleged footage we’ve seen is grainy as hell! But, Ring’s big challenge might put Neil’s concerns to rest.

BTW, people who don’t have legit proof can still participate for the company’s “Out of this World” prize of a $500 Amazon gift card … as long as you submit a clip of yourself in an Alien costume, or of your best homemade UFO!

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