Ruth Wilson Explains Why She Left ‘The Affair,’ Reveals Why She Hasn’t Spoken About It Before

Ruth Wilson is speaking out and clarifying more about why she left the hit Showtime show The Affair abruptly a few years ago, including why she has been hesitant to tell her story.

“The reason I haven’t gone into The Affair is that I haven’t worked out how to discuss it,” Ruth told Stylist. “There’s a lot of noise and anger surrounding it, and really the power rests with me to choose how I discuss my life and my experiences.”

If you don’t know, last year, THR published a bombshell report that detailed the rumored reasons why Ruth left the show. The publication said that she left the show due to “ongoing frustrations with the nudity required of her,” and “what she ultimately felt was a hostile work environment,’ among issues with the showrunner, Sarah Treem.

Now, in this new interview, Ruth is making her first public comments since this bombshell report was published.

Ruth said, “What’s important to say is that I did speak up. I did have a voice. I did stand up for myself. There was a situation on The Affair where things didn’t feel right, and I dealt with them, and I managed to protect myself.”

Ruth added, “It was before #MeToo and before Harvey Weinstein — and yet my instincts were very clear and strong about what I felt was wrong, about what was going on, and what I didn’t feel safe about.”

Previously, Ruth said she wasn’t allowed to discuss her exit from the show.

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