Sarah Jeffery Calls Out McDonald’s for Their Treatment of Animals

Sarah Jeffery isn’t happy with McDonald’s.

The Descendants 3 actress took to Instagram on Friday (November 1) to show fans “something scary for Halloween.”

“What’s really in a Chicken McNugget?” she captioned the video below. “Want to see something scary for Halloween? ??? No living creature deserves this cruelty.”

“It breaks my heart,” Sarah added. “Stop supporting companies that support inhumanity. Thank you @mercyforanimals for all you do for animals. Honored to be a part of this.”

“What if the worst ingredient in a chicken McNugget is actually the first one––the chicken?” she says in the clip. “Birds raised for McDonald’s suffer intensely. They’re crammed by the tens of thousands into dark, dusty, filthy sheds. Please join us and countless others who are starting to demand change.”

“TELL THEM,” Sarah‘s Descendants co-star Dove Cameron commented, while Cloak & Dagger‘s Olivia Holt wrote, “U r a legend sarah. thank u.”

Over 120 food companies have already committed to improving animal welfare standards, including McDonald’s largest competitors, like Burger King, Chipotle, Starbucks, Denny’s, and Subway – but McDonald’s hasn’t yet.

Find out more about the the McDonald’s Cruelty campaign and take action here.

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