Scott Disick & Amelia Hamlin: We’re Taking Our Relationship to the Next Level In 2021!

Well, folks, you might not like to think about them, but at this point there are a few unpleasant facts that it’s no longer possible to ignore.

For starters, there’s the fact that America is on the verge of societal collapse. Nasty bit of business, right there.

But we need a break from that bit of nightmare fuel, and you want to distract yourself with something that’s not quite as gross, take some time to focus on the fact that Scott Disick really is dating Amelia Hamlin.

Yes, he’s 37 years old, and she’s still in her teens, but these two are officially in a relationship.

At first, we hoped that this was just a fling, and that Scott would quickly become bored and move on.

Now, however, it looks like these two are in it for the long haul.

They haven’t made an official announcement of changed their relationship statuses on Facebook (LOL, like 19-year-olds have Facebook pages), but it’s become increasingly apparent that this is no mere “friends with benefits” arrangement.

How do we know?

Well, the first major sign came when Scott and Amelia spent Thanksgiving together.

Now, there’s another, even more troubling sign that Scott and Amelia are worthy of a mash-up couple’s name like Scamelia or Ameltt:

It seems Disick and Hamlin celebrated New Year’s Eve by vacationing together in Cabo San Lucas.

Let’s monetarily set aside our outrage over the fact that celebrities can still travel internationally while the rest of us are forced to stay in our homes and survive off of Uber Eats and Grub Hub.

(Besides, as they’ve demonstrated several times, the Kardashians don’t care about Covid, and it seems that apathy extends to hangers-on like Scott, too.)

Instead, let’s focus on what this foolish flaunting of privilege means for Scott and Amelia’s relaitonship.

After all, one doesn’t typically jet off to Mexico with one-night stands, does one?

Anyway, details about the trip are scarce.

It seems that unlike the rest of the Kard clan, Scott has the good sense to not boast about putting others at risk by flouting CDC guidlines.

But it seems that Scott and Amelia made the trip by themselves, and we think we can safely assume that they spent a lot of time in their hotel suite.

Prior to this, there were several other indications that these two were getting serious.

For starters, Amelia ranted about enduring the “judgmental” opinions of others in a recent Instagram rant.

People can embrace themselves however they feel fit for them at that moment in time,” she wrote.

“People grow. People learn to love themselves more and more.”

On top of that, insiders have commented on the situation and revealed that the situation is so serious that 

“They really like the two of them together and think Amelia is a great influence on Scott,” a source recently told Us Weekly.

“Scott and Amelia are in a really good place. They have a lot of love and respect for each other and it shows.”

So there you have it — it looks more and more like there’s nothing stopping this relationship.

Insiders say Amelia’s mom, Lisa Rinna, is not happy about — but it doesn’t look as though she has much say in the matter.

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