See Meghan Trainors Viral Reaction to Her Decision to Kiss Charlie Puth at AMAs 2015

The ‘Lips Are Movin’ songstress and her ‘Marvin Gaye’ collaborator shared a surprise passionate kiss on stage after belting out their duet song, which led many to believe they’re more than friends.

AceShowbizMeghan Trainor has taken a walk down memory lane. The “Lips Are Movin” hitmaker has recalled how she feels about kissing her “Marvin Gaye” collaborator Charlie Puth at the 2015 American Music Awards.

On Tuesday, August 30, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter turned to her TikTok account to share a fun video using the trending “Hal Walker Plays the Banakulas” audio. In the video that has since been watched nearly 5 million times and has been liked for over 1 million, she listed three career highlights.

The first two milestones, when her song “All About That Bass” hit No. 1 in 2014 and when she won a Grammy in 2016, got Meghan dancing in the video. When showing her reaction to her “decision to kiss Charlie Puth on national television in 2015,” she stood still in the clip while flashing a funny face. She wrote in the caption, “It was a wild 3 years #grammys #allaboutthatbass #amas.”

In the comment section of her TikTok post, many were still left shocked over the surprise stage act. “THE WAY I GASPED,” one person said, with another adding, “Omg I forgot all about that.” A third said, “it shook the nation and i’m still not over it.”

“little me was shook up when that happened,” one person confessed. Someone else labeled Meghan’s decision to kiss Charlie “a cultural reset,” noting that it “honestly lol rocked everyone out of their seats!!”

Others, in the meantime, are eager to see Charlie’s response. “I know I can’t be the only one scrolling through the comments looking for Charlie’s response,” one person wrote, while another said, “tag me when charlie duets this.” A third mentioned Charlie, who is active on TikTok and often randomly reacts to his fans’ posts, as writing, “Waiting for @charlieputh to comment.”

Back in 2015, Meghan and Charlie took the stage together at the AMAs, where they performed their duet “Marvin Gaye”. At the end of their performance, the pair then shared a surprise passionate kiss, which led many to believe they were dating.

Just a few days later, Charlie cleared the air. “We’re best friends!” he told Us Weekly in 2015, “We’re really great friends and that’s never going to change.” As if it wasn’t enough, he echoed a similar sentiment during an interview with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show“. He told Ellen DeGeneres at the time, “It’s all a visual aesthetic for what the song is.”

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