Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Freaks Out After Meeting Convincing Doppelganger

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor was greeting fans at a recent backstage meet-and-greet and freaked out as he came across a convincing doppelganger.

A video shared on the Facebook page “Slipknot Worldwide,” shows Taylor turning around and dunking his head in a bucket of cold water after being confronted by a fan dressed head-to-toe in his .5: The Gray Chapter outfit, with the mask, the boiler suit and the bulletproof vest, all in place.

The Slipknot vocalist is then seen getting back to the fan and seeking his autograph, joking “Now I can leave.” The ‘doppelgänger’ signs on Taylor’s stomach.

Taylor subsequently slips into Maggot mode and acts like a starry-eyed admirer before eventually signing an autograph for the fan.

“When Slipknot’s vocalist meets the Stone Sour frontman,” a fan commented on the post.

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