Stormi Just Posted Her First TikTok and It’s So Cute

“Stormi, you look like mommy, baby!” The iconic TikTok sound of Kylie Jenner will be playing through your mind after a quick scroll through the comment section of Kylie’s — sorry, Stormi’s — most recent TikTok.

The 4-year-old posted her first-ever TikTok, and trust us when we say that it did *not* disappoint. In fact, it’s probably one of the cutest things you’ll see all day. In a video with over 18.4M views and 4.1M likes, Stormi seems to discover the Long Face filter on TikTok that stretches and flattens the user’s facial features. She adorably reacts to seeing her face with the filter on it, before flashing a big grin at the screen and flipping the camera to her mother sitting next to her. Kylie appears to be fresh out of the shower, wearing pajamas and taking a bite of noodles that she playfully slurps up for the camera when the silly filter hits her face.

stormis first tik tok 🤣

Kylie is fully in her TikTok era and she’s turning it into mommy & me time — a multi-tasking queen. The social media darling has been spending time at home with both Stormi and her newborn son whose name still has yet to be revealed (although Kylie did post a rare glimpse of him on her Instagram story the other day). Her beau and baby daddy Travis Scott also gave fans a peek into his life as a parent with a photo of his son’s mini basketball net and tee-ball stand. The little family has been laying semi-low and focusing on being together in the early months of their son’s life, except for a few public appearances minus their newest addition. (P.S. Remember when the baby’s name was Wolf?)

And when it comes to their daughter, the viral TikTok sound is right — Stormi truly *does* look like her mommy. Kylie has previously talked about how her daughter has her forehead, which she describes as a “three-head” (a.k.a. a forehead that is fully covered by three fingers, rather than four). The mother-daughter duo even posed together for the launch of Kylie Baby last year in matching bodysuits and it’s honestly so precious.

We’re starting a petition for more Kylie + Stormi content, especially if it’s on TikTok…

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