Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapp Reveal How They ‘Act’ With Monsters on The Series

The six young stars of Stranger Things are opening up about what fans can truly expect from the upcoming season.

Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Sadie Sink, Finn Wolfhard, and Caleb McLaughlin spoke with the NY Times ahead of the the season three premiere, airing July 4th on Netflix.

Noah and Millie talked about how they each pretend to use their psychic powers or react to monsters that aren’t really there.

“A lot of Stranger Things is having to be able to, in your mind, turn a little tennis ball into a huge monster,” Noah says. “In Season 2, there was one scene where I was screaming at the monster and I was screaming at nothing. It was just the sky. So I really have a big imagination, I guess?”

He continues, “In another scene, I had to collapse and have a seizure. I’ve never experienced one; I’ve never seen anyone have one. So I just researched it on the internet. I looked at videos of it. Winona [Ryder] helped me too — she talked me through one of the scenes.”

Millie said she channels energy for her role: “I channel a lot of my memories. Especially when I’m angry — it becomes very raw and emotional and real and genuine.”

“You’d think all that crying would make you feel better, but no, actually, you feel the opposite. Usually when I do those scenes, I go home. I take a bath, I listen to some sad music and cry it out myself. It lasts less than five minutes, but it’s something you need to do in order to get on with it. And then I’m good for the rest of the day.”

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