The 100′s Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley Open Up About Their Surprise Wedding & Marriage at Comic-Con 2019

Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley aren’t saying much about their new marriage, but what they are saying, is everything!

The two The 100 stars spoke to E!News at 2019 Comic-Con today ahead of their show’s panel about fans’ reactions to their surprise wedding.

“I think we just like to keep our private life private,” Eliza shared, before adding that their wedding “was lovely”.

“It was just for us and our family,” Bob added. “It was really, really great.”

Eliza and Bob did comment about fan hopes that their characters, Clarke and Bellamy, would get together on screen since the duo are married in real life.

“The correlation between Bellamy and Clarke has nothing to do with Eliza and I,” Bob shared. “Fact and fiction, huge vast difference. You know, just to make that clear. But it’s funny to to see some speculation and stuff, but need to be mindful that fact and fiction are two very different things.”

If you missed it, Bob and Eliza shared just one image from their wedding and it was gorgeous!

Stay tuned for more tidbits about The 100 this weekend!

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