The 20 Best Star Wars<\/em> Tattoo Ideas in the Galaxy

Throughout cinematic history, there have been several highly successful sagas: Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. But few of these have been as successful as the iconic Star Wars franchise, and even fewer have such a dedicated fanbase.

And while most fans stick to binge-watching the movies, making memes, or buying memorabilia, some take it a step further, marking themselves permanently as Star Wars aficionados. What’s the best way to show your full allegiance? A Star Wars tattoo, of course.

From hyper-realistic Yodas to cartoon renditions of Darth Vader, social media has the perfect piece of artwork for you to base your next tattoo off of (or just admire!). Check out these 20 tattoos that will make you an even bigger Star Wars fan:

It’s hard to tell the difference between artwork and reality with this black and white piece. This two-in-one shows both sides of the threatening Darth Vader:

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