Theres always things that go wrong Matt Tebbutt shares Saturday Kitchen filming issues

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt jokes about 'quiet' studio

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Saturday Kitchen presenter Matt Tebbutt, 47, has detailed his time getting to grips with filming the popular BBC cooking show, admitting that there are still moments that go wrong even after four years at the helm of the weekend programme. Speaking to, the ex-restaurateur confessed that things still “get dropped and burned” on the live cooking show, despite practising the dishes numerous times ahead of time.

I mean things get dropped, things get burned, you know, that’s the beauty of live TV

Matt Tebbutt

Matt took over the reins from ITV chef James Martin, after he stepped down from presenting duties in 2016.

Ahead of his departure, the former was a stand-in host for the Yorkshire star, who presented for a decade before calling it a day.

Speaking four years after taking over from the ex-host, Matt admitted that there are still moments on the live show that go wrong.

The chef, who used to run a restaurant in Wales alongside his wife, Lisa, told how he and the crew practice the recipes multiple times ahead of filming live.

Matt said: “I’ll go in on Friday and we’ll go through the food, and we look at the recipes for that week

“We go there and test them and sometimes they work and sometimes they’re surprising and sometimes they don’t work and we need to tweak them, so we do all that on a Friday.”

The star added that the recipes got a final run through before being made live on air in front of his co-stars, crew, celebrity guests and viewers at home.

“On Saturday we do it again in rehearsal and if anything needs tuning then we go ahead and we do it live,” he added.

Matt explained: “So we’ve done the food three times before it gets done, so all the little issues are all ironed out, so there’s never any major ones.”

The BBC host went on to add that during his four year, full-time stint as the host, he’s never had any “major” incidents on the programme.

“Nothing major has happened, it’s such a well oiled machine, they’ve been doing it for years before I turned up,” he stated.

However, the star admitted that even he and his celebrity chefs and guests have experienced minor problems in the kitchen.

“I mean things get dropped, things get burned, you know, that’s the beauty of live TV,” he candidly admitted.

“That’s kind of the charm I always think because things go like that in life, so why would you expect them not to happen on a TV show which is condensing everything into record breaking time?”

Matt added: “You can’t make a slow roast shoulder of lamb in seven and a half minutes.

“People always forget that the process has to be immaculately done so we’ve never had any major traumas

“There’s always funny things which go wrong, but nothing you can’t go, ‘You know what, it’s food, isn’t it’.”

“No ones going to lose any sleep over it,” he finished.

The star also shared that he likes to be prepared ahead of meeting his celebrity guests.

Saturday Kitchen is on BBC one at 10am today.

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