This Morning chef Phil Vickery hits out at panic buying w***ers amid fuel shortage fears

This Morning: Phil Vickery accidentally refers to his 'wife'

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Phil Vickery, 60, hit out at those who have been “panic buying” fuel as he uploaded a meme (an image typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread online) to his Instagram story that ridiculed Britons who had spent hours queuing at petrol stations this week. UK drivers faced long wait times as a number of garages in the UK had temporarily closed, with BP and Esso warning of petrol and diesel shortages at some of its stations.

This Morning chef shared an image depicting children’s author AA Milne’s character Winnie The Pooh holding hands with his sidekick Piglet.

The caption read: “Why are people panic buying,” asked Piglet. “Because they’re w***ers,” replied Pooh.

Explaining why he chose to share the expletive-filled meme with his 26,900 followers, Phil typed: “Rather apt I thought…”

Today, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said there is “no shortage of fuel” and people should be “sensible” and fill up only when they need to.

It comes as there are long queues and closed pumps at some filling stations.

Mr Shapps blamed the Road Haulage Association for triggering a “rush on petrol stations”.

He said he was introducing a “big package” of measures, including temporary visas for lorry drivers, to help the situation.

The transport secretary said there was “plenty of fuel” and that he had checked with the six refineries and 47 storage centres in the country.

But the Petrol Retailers Association said that “between 50 per cent and 90 per cent“ of its members’ forecourts are dry.

Mr Shapps told the BBC’s Andrew Marr said that a shortage of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers was “not anything new”.

However, he claimed an “irresponsible briefing” to the press following a meeting with road haulage groups had sparked a reaction from people.

The Mail on Sunday reported that someone from the Road Haulage Association had selectively leaked comments about HGV driver shortages at fuel firms.

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