Tom Parker admits doctors perplexed in health update amid incurable cancer diagnosis

Tom Parker discusses cancer treatment and rehabilitation

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Last year Tom Parker was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 glioblastoma. However, the 33-year-old singer is still thriving and making the most of his life, and has now given a health update in a new interview with his wife.

It’s unusual to be 16 months down the road from the diagnosis, so they are a bit perplexed.

Tom Parker

Asked whether he would continue with his current treatment – which starves the blood in the tumour in the hope of stopping it growing – he speculated: “I think so” but remained confused.

“I don’t think the doctors really know either – it’s unusual to be 16 months down the road from the diagnosis, so they are a bit perplexed.

“We don’t know where to go next, so we are just cracking on with it,” he told this week’s OK! magazine.

Tom – who is struggling to maintain movement in his left arm and leg – is trying to remain upbeat.

He is having privately funded medical care every three weeks which is not available on the NHS, in the hope that it will extend his life.

“To be honest, I don’t really know what it does, but it seems to be keeping the tumour stable,” he explained.

Wife Kelsey chimed in: “It starves the blood in the tumour to stop it growing.”

Tom, who regularly posts health and life updates to Instagram while resting up at home, is also getting physiotherapy to aid his movement.

The news that doctors have pronounced the tumour stable has delighted the whole family, and given Tom more time to spend with his two young children, daughter Aurelia and son Bodhi.

His son was born just 15 days after Tom’s tragic diagnosis.

However he and Kelsey plan to have at least two more children together, in spite of the news that his condition is incurable.

“Honestly there could only have been one better present for Christmas,” he elaborated. “And that would have been for it to have gone.

“But to be at that position for it to be stable as a disease that moves very fast, I think the doctors were stunned by it.”

Despite admitting his condition is “frustrating” and “consuming” both mentally and physically, he is hoping to be in his cancer battle for the long haul.

According to the Brian Tumour Charity, statistics show that just five per cent of patients at his stage live past the five year mark and those who are still alive after two years qualify as “long-term survivors”.

However there have been some exceptions, so Tom is intending to make every moment count.

Though he is thinking positive, he added: “I can totally understand why [some] people aren’t.”

Last month, the musical star appeared on Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer show, which helped raise over £31 million for the cause.

Tom has lived a full life thus far, having achieved multiple number one singles with The Wanted, appeared in a touring production of Grease as Danny Zuko and reached the semi-finals on Celebrity MasterChef.

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