Trevor Bauer Accuses Alleged Sexual Assault Victim of Making Up Claims for Financial Settlement

According to the court documents, the MLB star sues Lindsey Hill as well as her attorney Niranjan Fred Thiagarajah for defamation and other legal violations.

AceShowbizTrevor Bauer has filed his response after being sued by a woman and her attorney for an alleged sexual assault. In his petition, the MLB star accused the woman of making up information to extort millions.

On Monday, April 25, the baseball pitcher filed the lawsuit against Lindsey Hill as well as her attorney Niranjan Fred Thiagarajah in federal court in California. In the court documents obtained by Radar Online, he sued the two for defamation and other legal violations. He asked for an unspecified amount of money in the lawsuit.

“Ms. Hill’s goal was to lure Mr. Bauer into having a rougher sexual experience so she could alter claim this sexual experience was not what she requested and thereby lay the groundwork for a financial settlement,” the paperwork read. In the filing, Trevor also alleged that Lindsey and her legal team released filtered and altered photographs.

In the legal papers, Trevor admitted that he met Lindsey twice and engaged in sex. During the first encounter, they discussed Lindsey’s sexual references and engaged in consensual rough sex. Trevor later insisted that throughout the first sexual encounter, he asked Lindsey if she was fine with it and whether she wanted to continue. “Each time she said she wanted to continue,” stated the lawsuit.

Trevor and Lindsey agreed to meet again on a night after Trevor pitched. They again engaged in rough sex with Lindsey asking the pitcher to slap her “harder” at one point. However, Trevor insisted he never punched her during the sex. The next morning, Lindsey texted friends and said Trevor assaulted her and she was injured though she stated in her messages that the sex was consensual. Some of the text messages included making fun of Trevor after a bad performance and mocking him.

Lindsey then filed a “false” police report which accused Bauer of sexually assaulting her. She also sought a restraining order against Lindsey, knowing it would garner attention, according to Trevor’s filing.

Last August, Lindsey’s lawyer provided new proof in the sexual assault case. In a picture unleashed by her attorney, the woman could be seen having black eyes which she allegedly sustained during sexual encounters with the athlete.

Having caught wind of the photo, Trevor’s lawyers Shawn Holley and Jon Fetterolf told TMZ, “Unlike Mr. Freedman and the woman’s legal team, we are not interested in trying a restraining order petition through the media.” His legal team added, “Relevant and previously omitted messages from the woman were attached as an exhibit to a routine motion to strike a so-called expert the Petitioner has proposed to testify on the issue of consent.”

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