Tulsi Gabbard Says Kamala Harris' Jab Was 'Pathetic' and 'Cheap Smear'

Rep. Tusli Gabbard got Senator Kamala Harris good during the Presidential debate Wednesday night, but Harris later shot back — essentially calling Gabbard a loser — so now the war begins.

Gabbard appeared on “TMZ Live” Thursday and blasted Harris for dismissing her as a one-percenter attacking a “top tier” candidate.

Watch the clip … you hear the disdain in her voice as she calls the post-debate attack “pathetic” and a “cheap smear.”

ICYMI … Gabbard went after Harris for prosecuting marijuana users when she was California Attorney General. She also attacked Harris for withholding evidence in death penalty cases where the death row inmate was wrongly convicted. We asked if such attacks are below the belt if the candidate has evolved … Gabbard stayed strong.

Gabbard’s performance drew lots of attention … she was the most googled of the candidates after the debate.

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