Ulrika Jonsson shares painful-looking snaps of heavily bruised body as she explains cause

Ulrika Jonsson reveals her bruises from SAS: Who Dare Wins

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Ulrika Jonsson, 54, shared photos on her Instagram story of her painful-looking, bruised body and explained where she got them from. The presenter received these horrendous bruises during her time in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Legs black and blue and a missing toe nail.

Ulkrika Jonsson

Ulrika posted images of her badly bruised legs to her 172,000 followers.

The marks covered her slender pins, from her thighs all the way down to her toes.

She captioned the snaps and video: “Legs. Courtesy of. @sas_whodareswins.”

In a separate update, Ulrika spoke about her time on the Channel 4 show.

She said: “Thought I’d share some BTS pics from the week of bubbling BEFORE we were hooded and taken at the crack of dawn to @sas_whodareswins.

“That initial week was one of the best of my life.

“I had a week of no responsibilities – away from family and dogs – and only myself on which to rely.

“First time in my life I’ve done that and I bl**dy loved it.”

Sharing the reason for her exit from the challenge, Ulrika continued: “I was catapulted onto the course with a spare bra; spare pair of knickers and a toothbrush.

“With only my mind and body to count on. Hadn’t really counted on hypothermia being my downfall.

“But it was singularly the most profound experience of my life.

“Came home to a cute banner by the Ungratefuls and my ex. Legs black and blue and a missing toe nail.

“Weird to think that when I came home, I felt, for quite some time, that I didn’t belong.”

Ulrika unfortunately was forced to withdraw from the show on Sunday night after medical experts had to step in.

The model had struggled to recover from mild hypothermia in the first challenge.

Next was a muddy wrestling competition, and the Chief Medical Expert Sundeep Chohan had to pull an exhausted Ulrika aside.

He then told her she could no longer take part for safety reasons.

Sundeep said: “You still have that warrior spirit in you where you’re just going to plod on regardless.

“But now it’s becoming a safety issue so medically I’m going to be withdrawing you.”

Viewers had to watch all 7.5 stone of Ulrika take part in gruelling challenges, which has left her with a bruised body.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs on Channel 4 on Sundays at 9pm.

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