Who Is Brandon Fricke? Tomi Lahren’s Fiance Is A Match For Her

Conservative political commentator and Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren recently got engaged to her boyfriend (now fiancé) Brandon Fricke, and the two are all over social media sharing the news with their fans. If you haven’t been following either of them online, you might be wondering: who is Brandon Fricke? Lahren and her fiancé have a lot of similarities when it comes to politics.

On Sunday, June 30, Lahren posted three photos to her Instagram showing off her brand-new engagement ring in a selfie with Fricke, taken in front of the New York City skyline. In the caption, she called Fricke her "forever," writing, "I love you more and those are my Final Thoughts and you are my forever. 6/29/19 #Iloveyou#teamTomi #foreverandalways," referencing her previous segment on The Blaze called "Final Thoughts." Fricke also posted a photo of the newly engaged couple posing after Fricke gave Lahren her engagement ring. In the caption, Fricke wrote, "Last night my best friend said YES! I love you @tomilahren."

According to People, Fricke and Lahren have been "linked" since June 2018. Per Fricke’s LinkedIn page, his professional life has been geared toward athletics. Currently, he’s an NFL contract advisor and perviously worked at Vanguard Sports Group and Prime Athletes. He got his Bachelors degree at Central Michigan University, where he was also on the football team as the backup quarterback. In 2013, Fricke received his Masters degree from Arizona State University’s business school.


Unsurprisingly, Lahren and Fricke seem to have a lot in common. From a link in his Instagram bio that directs to a pro-Trump calendar and other pro-Trump merch he and Lahren helped co-create, it seems like Fricke holds similar political beliefs to his fiancé. In addition to co-creating the pro-Trump calendar, Fricke has also posted a photo wearing a U.S. Border Patrol hat, another photo holding a MAGA hat, and called the Chicago, Illinois Trump tower the "Midwest White House." Fricke also frequently shares his conservative views on his Twitter and often levels criticism at 2020 Democratic candidates. Much of his Twitter is filled with retweets from fiancé Lahren, including tweets promoting her recent book "Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable"

According to an Instagram post Fricke shared in back in March, the first time he communicated with Lahren was over Instagram DM in 2017. At the time, Glenn Beck had just fired Lahren over comments she had shared on The View supporting abortion rights, and Fricke wanted Lahren to know he supported her fully. In the message, Fricke said Lahren was a "star for common sense conservatives," and even asked her out to dinner if she was ever in LA. According to Fricke, nine months after he sent that message, he finally met Lahren in real life and the rest is history.


Before she started dating Fricke, Lahren dated Navy SEAL Jerad Christian. She has also been linked to Bachelorette contestant Chase McNary.

Lahren is currently on her U.S. tour for "Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable" but followers will likely see more fiancé or wedding-related updates in the upcoming weeks.

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