Whoopi Goldberg's Shocked Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show is Ending

Whoopi Goldberg was blindsided when we told her Ellen DeGeneres is ending her talk show … it was news to her.

We got Whoopi at a COVID vaccination site Friday in East Orange, NJ and when our camera guy asked her reaction to Ellen’s announcement, Whoopi literally took a few steps back she was so shocked.

Well, there’s lots going on in this world … COVID, re-opening, culture wars, etc., etc., etc., so so you can’t keep up on everything.  As for whether Whoopi might actually replace Ellen,.she explains why that’s never gonna happen!

Whoopi may not have been up to date on Ellen, but she definitely is on COVID.

Whoopi has a warning for folks who might feel compelled to fudge their vaccination status now that the CDC says those who are fully vaccinated can ditch face coverings … and she makes a pretty good case for getting the shots.

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