Will There Be A ‘Parasite’ Sequel? Here’s What We Know

In a year full of incredible movies, the psychological thriller Parasite stood out as one of the most gripping films of 2019. A relentless social commentary on the increasingly apparent class divide worldwide, Parasite ended with a bleak final moment, but some fans may be curious if there will be a Parasite sequel to continue the story of the Kim family. Although that ending seemed hopeful for the impoverished family’s future, writer/director Bong Joon-ho clarified what that moment really meant. Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you haven’t seen Parasite.

While Parasite is racking up a ton of love this awards season — being shortlisted for the Oscars and earning Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Foreign Language Film nominations at the Golden Globes — it seems incredibly unlikely that Bong Joon-ho will make a follow-up movie. Bong has never made a sequel for any of his past films, and given the fact that Parasite ends with his signature uneasiness and discomfort, it does not seem like he will break his pattern now.

Some moviegoers new to Bong’s films may have guessed that the movie ending with Kim Ki-woo resolving to attend college, make a ton of money, and buy the house that his father is trapped in may have set up a sequel showing the ambitious son doing just that… but really, that ending was meant to be a dismal end to the story rather than a glimmer of hope.

In an interview with Vulture, Bong detailed how Ki-woo’s fantasy of freeing his father fading away into his underground apartment was mean to make it clear that he would never actually fulfill his dream of becoming wealthy.

If that comment did not already make it evident that Parasite 2 is not going to happen, then Bong’s list of future projects will. Rather than entertain the idea of a sequel, Bong told Collider that is next working on a Korean horror film and a movie in English inspired by a 2019 CNN article.

So, while audiences who loved Parasite will most likely not be getting a sequel, they do have future movies from Bong Joon-ho to look forward to becoming absolutely engrossed by.

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