William Shatner: Star Trek actor, 90, involved in car crash with female companion

William Shatner gets emotional after Blue Origin landing

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Star Trek icon William Shatner has been involved in a car crash in Los Angeles, California. The actor, 90, who played Captain Kirk in the hit sci-fi series, was pictured inspecting the car for damage while waiting for police officers to arrive at the scene on Tuesday afternoon.

The star was reportedly caught up in a two-car collision in the Studio City area, according to MailOnline.

Following the incident, the actor was spotted wearing a face mask as he waited outside one of the cars.

In the pictures, damage could be seen to the front, left wheel, as well as issues to the body.

The crumpled front of the silver car was seen being inspected by the Captain Kirk actor, who was also accompanied by a female companion.

The other car involved in the crash, a black Mercedes SUV, had sustained damage to its bumper.

Following the incident, police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department soon arrived at the scene.

It comes a month after Forrest Gump actor Tom Hanks revealed that he turned down William’s flight to space.

The latter made history earlier this year when he became the oldest person to ever venture into outer-space.

But award-winning Tom recently revealed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos offered him a ride to space on his Blue Rocket, but claimed that it came at a price.

Speaking about his trip, William said the businessman had given him “the most profound experience”, as he was flown an estimated 66 miles above earth outside the internationally recognised boundary of space known as the Karman Line.

The trip itself lasted about 10 minutes and was the second successful launch in a matter of weeks.

But speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on his self-titled show on Tuesday while promoting his new film Finch, Tom revealed William wasn’t the only celebrity offered the privilege.

Relaying the offer to the talk-show host, Tom joked: “Well yeah, provided I pay.

“It costs like $28 million or something like that.

“And I’m doing good, Jimmy, I’m doing good, but I ain’t paying $28 million (£20.5m),” he added.

Following his landmark trip to space, William opened up about the toll the journey had on his body.

Speaking on The Today Show, he admitted the experience was both “humbling” and “overwhelming”.

“The whole physical experience of mounting that gantry, of getting into that chair, of being weightless and having five Gs and suddenly, as I’m coming down, I’m thinking ‘You know something, I’m 90 years old!’” he recalled.

He also said that he was taken aback by the blackness of space, speaking about how he felt it represented death while the earth below him represented life.

William described how the simulations he had been put through on earth could have never truly prepared him for the real deal.

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