15 Doppelgängers Who Look 99.99% Identical, And It's Freaking Me Out

Earlier this year, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us pictures of them meeting their doppelgänger, and the responses were uncanny, to say the least. Since then, we’ve received a bunch more that give even twins a run for their money.

Here are the best ones:

1.“Not a day goes by that people don’t mix us up. We met in high school after we found out we were dating the same guy. We quickly decided we liked each other way more than our mutual ex and have been best friends ever since. Ten years later, I was the maid of honor in her and her now-husband’s wedding!”


2.“My friend’s cousin’s son and his friend met in high school and are still friends.”


3.“I met her on a mission trip. Our church groups kept getting us confused!”


4.“I present to you: doppelgängers couple edition. This is my friend’s husband (top left) with a friend (bottom left) and a couple they befriended.”

—Natalia Valeria, Facebook



6.“My doppelgänger ended up being my little in my sorority.”


7.“I just started a new job and ended up wearing the same dress as my new coworker. From that moment on, we were known as the twins. We quickly became great friends, and whenever we went out together, everyone would ask if we were twins. I’m on the right and my friend, Jennifer, is on the left.”


8.“We met at a beer festival!”


9.“My best friend and I met in high school. She’s from Missouri, and I’m from Arkansas. People always say we look like sisters (or at least cousins), but there’s no relation! My family even thought one of my senior pictures was of her! It doesn’t help that she got glasses and dyed her hair a similar color to mine this year!”




11.“They even share the same birthday.”

—Tyler Ross, Twitter

12.“The two on the ends are actual sisters — my friend Courtney and I are in the middle. We’ve known each other since preschool but didn’t start getting mistaken for each other until our junior year of high school.”



—Amanda Yap, Facebook

14.“My coworker and I showed up to work twinning real hard accidentally.”


15.“I mean, it happens…”

—Juan Bracero, Facebook

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