15 Hair Accessories Every Early 2000s Girl Will Remember On Sight

1.These snap clips that you 100% coordinated to match your shirt.

Sometimes, you’d just snap them open and closed until they broke.

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2.These floofy hair scrunchies that doubled as pretty, rad wrist candy.

These scrunchies walked so the hair tie bracelet could run.

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3.These plastic butterfly clips that definitely ended up broken in the bottom of your backpack by the end of the day.

You’d go to school with six of these in your hair, and return home with only one left standing.

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4.Or THESE sparkly butterfly clips that instantly made you feel like a goddess.

The way the wings would move when you jiggled them was like MAGIC.

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5.These stretchy headbands that might’ve scratched your scalp while you put them on, but made the pain worth it.

Which is why you bought like 10 of them, but only wore them twice a year.

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6.These hair tie bobbles that seemed to get tangled in your hair no matter how carefully you tried to remove them.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to take a pair of scissors to your hair to remove these. ??‍♀️

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7.These banana clips that you’d inevitably break if you had reaaaally thick hair.

If you managed to keep them in place, you were sure to have a sleek AF ponytail the entire day.

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8.These plastic hair barrettes that you pretty much collected like they were Pokémon cards.

Gotta buy ’em all, am I right?

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9.These mini rubber bands that added a splash of color to any braid or ponytail.

Now raise your hand if you’ve ever had THESE stuck in your hair. ??‍♀️

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10.These claw clips that held any updo in place while simultaneously digging into the back of your head.

Everyone’s worst nightmare was getting hit in the back of the head with a ball at recess while wearing one of these.

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11.This chunky headband that scored you compliments ALL DAY.

Finding these in packs of three at the store was the highlight of the day.

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12.These mini bobble hair ties that low-key looked more like jewelry straight out of a Lisa Frank collection.

You’ve probably tricked your friends into thinking that they were just normal bracelets, too.

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13.These clip-on feather hair extensions that were made only for the coolest classroom divas.

But let’s be real, this was the closest you’d get to getting streaks in your hair AT LEAST until you hit high school.

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14.These glittery bobby pins with the sole purpose of looking pretty in your hair.

You definitely had no other reason for paying a dollar more to get these over the plain ones.

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15.Finally, these rhinestone hair clips that took you from rookie to rockstar with one simple snap.

These clips were the only things more sparkly than your personality.

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