15 Reasons Why You Should Never, EVER Be Too Hard On Yourself

If you’re ever feeling a little down, just remember…

1.At least you didn’t do this:

2.Or this:

3.And at least you don’t have a big ol’ mouthful of styrofoam:

4.Look at the bright-side: you didn’t pull some stuff sh*t like this:

5.And you aren’t currently munching on little white beads:

6.Just be happy this didn’t happen to you:

7.Or this:

8.Or this, three times in a row:

9.The next time you get too hard on yourself, remember this apple:

10.And this pear:

11.And these impressive set of teeth marks:

12.So if you’re feeling down…

13.Take a deep breath…

14.Hold your head up high…

15.And remember: at least I didn’t take a huge ol’ bite out of a fake apple.


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