24 Music Tweets And Only 1 Of Them Is About Peppa Pig But The Rest Are Great Too

1.A follow-up to a classic:

2.A newly discovered genre:

3.Some common ground:

4.This funny response:

5.A bold statement:

6.An accurate depiction:

7.This fan’s level of commitment:

8.This greeting:

9.This choreography:

10.Some impressive moves:

11.This reaction:

12.An ode to a classic:

13.A well-deserved award:

14.This historical fact:

15.A fun way to kill time:

16.A pleasant surprise:

17.And another one:

18.This mashup:

19.A relatable reaction:

20.This FaceApp result:

21.This request:

22.This wholesome moment:

23.A highly-anticipated release:

24.And this painful truth:

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