29 Times Karen Walker From "Will And Grace" Was Sassy In The Best Way

1.When she was all of us, turning up to work late:

2.When she knew just how to shut this pest down:

3.When she was just brutally self-aware:

4.The morning at work she was almost blinded:

5.The day she wasn’t afraid to explore her ~wild~ side:

6.When she was the perfect mother:

7.The evening she got too close to the common people:

8.Election week Karen:

9.When she didn’t have time for pleasantries:

10.When she was too rich to care:

11.When she wasn’t afraid to share the hard truths:

12.Every time she ran into Smitty…

13.… literally, every time:

14.The time she couldn’t even pretend to be shocked:

15.Every time she went undercover:

16.The day Vince went missing:

17.The time she wasn’t the only bitch in the room:

18.When she couldn’t face her problems:

19.When she made friends with her priest:

20.When she knew her own limits:

21.The day she shared just how she felt about the Brits:

22.The day she was may have been a little too open:

23.When she couldn’t help but point out the obvious:

24.The holiday she was completely out of touch:

25.The day she revealed her buzzkill:

26.The day her metaphors knew no bounds:

27.The time she fooled the almighty:

28.When she came up with this… interesting… experiment:

29.And honestly, just literally every time she spoke to Grace:

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