2K Leaks Suggest New Marvel 'XCOM' Game and 'Borderlands' Spin-Off

A new round of leaks from 2K Games suggests that the developer is now working on a Marvel-themed XCOM game as well as a spin-off title for the beloved Borderlands franchise.

Now verified by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, the leaks first surfaced on Reddit, and indicated that 2K will be releasing two new games in the near future. The first will be another XCOM title but this time in a crossover with the Marvel universe, offering a more tactical approach to the superhero genre.

As for the Borderlands title, leaks suggest that it’ll be a spin-off revolving around Tiny Tina named Wonderlands. The character has been a fan favorite since her first appearance in the franchise’s second installment, and Love and Monsters’ Ariana Greenblatt will be portraying her in the upcoming Borderlands film as well. Other details related to the spin-off are scarce at the moment, but if the leaks are true, there’s no doubt 2K Games will be announcing more information in the near future, so fans of the two franchises should definitely stay tuned.

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