A Canadian Biotech Company is Developing Edible Vaccine Strips

McMaster University and Canadian-based biotech firm Rapid Dose Therapeutics (RDT) are teaming up to develop an oral vaccine.

The prototype edibles are similar to Listerine breath strips and dissolve in the recipient’s mouth in 11 seconds. The product is still in the early stages of development, but promising preclinical studies show the strips are effective at delivering proteins into the bloodstream to elicit an immune response.

The oral strips remain stable and effective when stored significantly above room temperature at 40 Celsius, a significant improvement compared to current liquid vaccine vials which require storage at temperatures ranging from two to -80 Celsius. The shelf-stable, self-administered edible vaccines would eliminate the need for the dreaded jab and reduce logistical costs and headaches.

CEO of Rapid Therapeutics, Mark Upsdell believes the oral strips could be ready for future COVID-19 booster doses and other vaccinations and medications such as the flu and West Nile virus.

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