A PS5 Console With Detachable Disc Player is Rumored to Release Next Year

Following the introduction of the Sony PlayStation CFI-1200 model, reports are now noting that Sony could be gearing up to deliver yet another new PS5 console. Currently named the “D Chassis PlayStation 5,” the model is rumored to release sometime September 2023 and could completely replace the existing A, B, and C chassis models currently available.

The reports are also noting that the D Chassis will feature almost identical hardware to the existing consoles, but come outfitted with a detachable disc drive. The disk drive will be connected to the PS5 with an extra USB-C port at the back of the console, rumors are expected the console and drive to be sold separately. The D Chassis PS5 is also expected to be slimmer and lighter because of the detachable disc drive but will come in a familiar design.

Reports end by noting that Sony is gearing up to produce 18.5 million units of the new PlayStation 5 in the middle of the 2023 fiscal year. Stay tuned for more information.

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