A Royal Critic Believes That King Charles III Is Desperately Trying To Keep the Royal Family 'Afloat'

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022, King Charles III had a monumental task following in the footsteps of the wildly popular monarch. He probably thought that he would have to continue the legacy of his late mother while modernizing some aspects of the royal family, but critics are noting he has a bigger job ahead of him. 

In the wake of anti-monarchy protests, Charles’ detractors are pointing out that his first year as king was about “steering the ship” instead of “rocking” the monarchy. Royal expert Justin Vovk told the CBC, “He really has set a very neutral course. I think many people were expecting a lot of reform, a lot of change, in the way that he had advocated for as Prince of Wales. But I think really keeping things balanced has become his hallmark, keeping things uncontroversial and keeping the institution stable.”

While Charles may believe that the status quo is a good thing, the younger generations are telling him it’s not. Al Jazeera observed that his “ascendency to the throne has inspired scant, if any, enthusiasm” in not only the U.K., but around the world. It’s the “family’s frivolous squabble” that is taking “up a lot of time and energy” in the press instead of focusing on the purpose of the palace in modern times. The media outlet even recommends that the monarchy should be put into “hospice care” because they believe Charles is barely keeping the royal family “afloat.”

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The criticism is harsh, but the voices are growing louder around the world as the royal family is confronted with its history of colonialism and racism, outside of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle feud. Charles doesn’t seem to want to make major changes to the royal structure, even though Prince William seems more open to those possibilities. If the palace doesn’t move quickly, will they find themselves obsolete in future decades? Their critics seem to think so.

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