Alex Rodriguez Apparently Thinks Jennifer Lopez Is 'Too Controlling' About Their Wedding

Is always frustrating to hear that a woman is “too difficult “or “controlling.” It usually just means she knows what she wants. Such is the case with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s “too controlling” nature — or should we say supposed “too controlling” nature.

According to a recent article in In Touch magazine, Rodriguez questioned his rumored $17 million dollar wedding in Malibu with the singing superstar over her need to dominate everything. Per an unnamed source, “Everything in her world has to be J. Lo-approved” from where they go on vacation, to what they wear and beyond. Even Rodriguez’s social media is said to be questioned by Lopez, though he refused to play ball. “He told her that he loves her, but she has to back off a bit,” the source claimed.

However, much like the wedding’s price tag, Gossip Cop is here to prove In Touch’s story false. The site talked to a source close to Rodriguez who laughed off the story. According to Gossip Cop, the claim is without merit, the wedding is going on as planned and the couple couldn’t be happier. Per the site, In Touch’s story is another in a string of false Rodriguez-Lopez rumors meant to tear the couple apart.

It makes sense as everything we’ve seen implies the couple is happy as can be. The two regularly bond with each other’s kids, Rodriguez supported Lopez at a recent difficult concert, and there isn’t any evidence for the “tension” magazines keep reporting on. Maybe it’s time to finally let these two be happy — or at least get married first before we starting bringing up divorce rumors.

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