Alina Baraz Releases New Track “Keep Me In Love”

For contemporary sonic dreamscapes, Alina Baraz remains a consistent and well-anticipated force. It’s been some time since the Cleveland native has released a solo track or project. Since 2021 to be exact. But now she is back with her new single “Keep Me In Love.”

Like much of her previous work, the new track harbors Baraz’s tranquil and mystifying production, which is accompanied by her smooth, lofty vocals. Centered around love, the song discusses the appetite/search for it and whether it will come. “My love, for me, it runs so deep/ How could someone ever match my, my energy enough,” opens Baraz. As the singer glides through the song, the video showcases her in an array of serene island locations including an aged villa, a waterfall, floating on a boat out at sea and more.

“I want someone, someone who gets me/Gets me the world, I need to believe/That there is someone, someone to keep me/Keep me in love, I need it for me/I need it for me, for me,” sings Baraz in the chorus.

“Keep Me In Love” marks the singer’s first solo track since 2021, coming behind her Moongate and Sunbeam EPs. Take a listen to “Keep Me In Love” in the music video above.

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