Amazon's Tells Overworked Employees To Consider Themselves an "Industrial Athlete"

Amidst news of workers experiencing double the amount of serious injuries found in the warehousing industry and poor work conditions, reports are now noting that Amazon introduced a rather interesting euphemism for its overworked employees.

In a leaked pamphlet covering worker “wellness,” Amazon told employees to consider themselves an “industrial athlete” outlining how some employees walking up to 13 miles a day, burning an average of 400 calories an hour. Going on to ask employees to consider changes to their diets, sleep schedules and apparel like footwear to meet the demands of their job. Amazon also touched on dehydration highlighting the importance of examining the color of urine throughout the day.

Although the company assures that the pamphlet was removed immediately after it was released, an anonymous worker has revealed that the interesting guide has been around since November 2020.

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