Angry Miao’s CYBERBOARD R3 Is Inspired by Wes Anderson’s Color Palette

PC peripheral name Angry Miao recently introduced its latest range of customizable mechanical keyboards with an unexpected Wes Anderson inspiration.

Drawing from the auteur’s iconic color palette, the CYBERBOARD R3 arrives in a series of colorways drawn from the Isle of Dogs, Come Together and The Grand Budapest Hotel. The four options available feature soft pastels and low saturation accented by symmetrical compositions and elegant settings. The distinct color expressions are the result of extensive experimentation by Angry Miao, ultimately landing on electrophoresis to create bright and bold shades.

Each keyboard features a CNC processed aluminum frame that has been sandblasted and subjected to anodizing electrophoresis and the application of a matte ceramic texture. Cutting edge gasket mounts have been utilized to work with switches for a leaf spring-like structure, reducing resonance for a pure typing sound. Angry Miao is also offering brushed brass, golden black FR-4, 1.5mm translucent PC and black aluminum plates for enthusiasts.

Finally, three custom lighting effects slots function with the RGB hardware and 256-level DC dimming for a multitude of personalization options.

Priced at 570 USD for the “Budapest Pink,” “Aquatic Green” and “Basalt Black” colorway and 620 USD for the “Cloud White” variant, the CYBERBOARD R3 is available now on Angry Miao’s website.

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