Apple Will Automatically Offer iOS Apps on the Vision Pro Store

While developers are already hard at work building new content for the Vision Pro, Apple wants its users to have access to the full array of apps right away. The company shared that nearly every iOS app in existence will be simultaneously published to the Vision Pro store.

Apple said that, in addition to Vision Pro-exclusive apps, there are “hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone apps that run great on visionOS too,” making the transition to the new hardware relatively seamless.

The company added that the majority of apps will be able to function without having to be modified. As for those that aren’t automatically compatible, Apple will flag to developers that the app can’t run on the device in its current state. From there, developers can update their apps or add alternative functionality.

To take it up a notch, Apple is also offering visionOS SDK, where developers can integrate Vision Pro-specific functions, such as 3D content, into their apps.

Users will get their first official look at the Vision Pro store when a beta version launches later this fall.

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