'Bachelorette' Favorite Jed Wyatt's Girlfriend Drama Just Got a Whole Lot Messier

Leave it to Reality Steve to lay a shady contestant’s s—t bare! As part of a shocking podcast interview, the spoiler-site host reveals that The Bachelorette’s Jed Wyatt cheated on his girlfriend — you know, the one he reportedly had and ghosted to come on the show. It’s a lot to process; we get it. So, sit back, sip your tea and listen to the latest allegations that have emerged about one of Hannah Brown’s remaining suitors.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Wyatt has turned into one of this season’s fan favorites, in large part due to the fact that he’s a singer. There’s something about those musicians from Nashville, right? However, things have gotten bumpy in recent weeks since stories broke that Wyatt was in a serious relationship prior to joining The Bachelorette. According to the ex, singer-songwriter Haley Stevens, the two enjoyed a “whirlwind romance” before he ditched her for the show.

But it was during Stevens’ slatest interview for Reality Steve’s podcast that another bombshell about Wyatt dropped. Apparently, Wyatt had cheated on Stevens shortly before they jetted off on a romantic vacation together. “She showed me everything,” Steve told Stevens, indicating he had proof. “This was, I believe, 10 days before you left for the Bahamas, he slept with another woman. And I have the text messages to prove it.”

Yowch. “Were you not aware that Jed was with another woman, 10 days before he went to the Bahamas with you?” Steve asked a clearly stunned Stevens. “Nope,” she replied, adding emotionally, “I can only deal with so many things at one time. It’s a lot to tackle. To watch it play out on TV and also, like here, you know?”

Understandably, Stevens has zero interest in reconciling with Wyatt down the road, citing “irreparable damage.” But to be clear, the pair seemed to be on the path to a long-term relationship before The Bachelorette. Prior to him leaving for the show, Stevens and Wyatt had been dating for four months, had met each other’s families and even made declarations of love. Did she know he was headed for TV? Sort of. She told Entertainment Tonight that Wyatt had shared he was in the casting process for the show, but it had been three weeks into their relationship before things got serious.

Stevens has also made it clear she doesn’t think Wyatt is a bad guy. “I would not have fallen head over heels for someone that’s a bad person,” she insisted. “And beyond that, [Brown] wouldn’t have.” But between Wyatt admitting in a promo he came on the show to boost his music career, the revelation that he ghosted Stevens and this new intel that she stepped out on her, too? Things aren’t looking so copacetic for the suitor.

Since rumor has it he’ll be sticking around the show for a while, it remains to be seen if Brown finds him credible enough to overlook his past behavior. PS: If you aren’t afraid of spoilers, Reality Steve’s full podcast interview with Stevens is a long but interesting listen.

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