BD Barcelona is Bringing Back an Icon

Back in 1987, a designer named Oscar Tusquets created the Gaulino chair. Its name came from those that inspired its sinuous form – Antoni Gaudí and Carlo Mollino.

The design became critically acclaimed, winning awards for its new, contemporary style. An “icon of the modern 20th century”, its wooden frame is cut and contoured to create slender tapering legs, while a leather is stretched across.

Now, BD Barcelona – the brand founded by Tusquets – is releasing an expansion of the chair, in the form of a full collection of Gaulino designs – including an easy chair, an armless chair, a stool, dining tables and coffee tables. “Based on the chair, this collection is a refinement of material, detail and sinuous line. It is an example of an icon that lives on, now with a family,” BD Barcelona said.

Across each piece, the wood grain is visible. Finishes arrive in lacquered ash and dyed black; leather is hand sewn; glass is smoked. Sizes and functions are made appropriate for 2023 lifestyles. The original chair is slimmed down to allow for smaller spaces, and a stool is intended to be moved around the house easily – accommodating for an extra guest at the dining table, or creating a small perch for a book. “The classic Gaulino was an elegant chair with a story,” the brand added. “Now, there is a union of forms. It’s a collection.”

Take a closer look at the collection at BD Barcelona website, and for more design – check out Philippe Starck’s new collection for Alessi, which started as a “serious joke”.
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