Beyoncé, Helen Mirren, & More Celebrities Who’ve Walked the Catwalk at Fashion Week Over the Years

Recently, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, and Dua Lipa made their catwalk debut at Fashion Week this year. Specifically, they rocked some unique looks while strutting their stuff down the Balenciaga Fall 2022 Couture Show during Paris Fashion Week. To say we’re obsessed is an understatement. Now it’s not surprising to see a celebrity mom or a Kardashian on the front row of the Fashion Week shows. But it’s always oh-so-cool when some of our favorite stars step up onto the catwalk themselves.

While we adore the Hadid sisters and Emily Ratajkowski twirling in a new gown, there’s something pretty darn cool when we see an actor walk with them.

Not only have many stars in recent years walked down the catwalk, but so many have had their catwalk debut at different Fashion Week events around the world. (Can you imagine? That has to be a pinch-me moment!)

From Whoopi Goldberg to Rihanna, so many beloved stars have put on their best face and walked their best walk for everyone to marvel at. And some, like Jennifer Lopez also even debuted their new collections at Fashion Week as well!

Check out which celebrities have walked (or debuted) on the catwalk for Fashion Week below.

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