Block722's “O Lofos” Residential Project Is at One With Nature

Founded in 2009, Greek design studio Block722 has just revealed its latest residential project on the northern-facing highlands of the Thrypti mountain in eastern Crete, Greece.

The 280 square-meter home seeps into nature and becomes one with its surroundings, merging with the Cretan landscape that communicates its rich legacy and traditional appeal through a contemporary layout.

Titled “O Lofos” — translating to “the hill” in Greek — the new build oozes with Scandinavian flair and European spirit, embracing extensive views of enchanting mountain scenery and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The project is designed with indoor and outdoor spaces leveled to illustrate a delicate aesthetic, while wood and stone accents promote local craft across the property.

While undeniably European, the space promotes a minimalistic quality that takes inspiration from Japanese design and seeks to portray the island’s relaxed lifestyle. The house features a primary bedroom alongside two guest rooms filled with natural sunlight.

Elsewhere, light hardwood and stone flooring is seen throughout, and tender white accents are showcased across the open-plan kitchen and his-and-hers bathrooms. Finally, exterior wooden structures coat an infinity pool that looks over the Greek landscape and completes the celestial arrangement.

Take a look inside Block722’s “O Lofos” residential project in the gallery above.

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