Chris Pratt Brought Back the Worst Honeymoon Souvenir Ever

For some couples, the honeymoon proves just as exciting as the wedding — or, at the very least, just as memorable. Chris Pratt’s naked butt photo of honeymoon sunburn surely qualifies as the latter, right? Although it goes without saying, we doubt a crispy backside is the souvenir Pratt and his new wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, had in mind when they set out for Hawaii to bask in their newlywed bliss.

Always one to find the humor in his misfortune, Pratt took to Instagram on Saturday to bare all. Well, almost all. The Guardians of the Galaxy star shared a photo of his back and the backside of his arms, all of which look as red as a lobster. To emphasize the severity of his sunburn, though, Pratt showed off a bit of his pale white bum, too. “Suns out guns out,” he joked, adding, “I might have got a toouuuch crispy on the honeymoon.” Guess nobody reminded Star-Lord that, here on Earth, you can’t forget to pack sunblock for a day at the beach.

Naturally, it didn’t take long before Pratt became the, ahem, butt of the joke with his family and friends (all in good fun). Quipped Gwyneth Paltrow, “I’ve got some goop for that.” Jay Glazer wrote, “Crack attack,” while pastor Judah Smith dubbed Pratt’s backside “#GalaxyGlutes.”



But at least one person thinks Pratt is still the hottest of ‘em all… in this case, quite literally. Schwarzenegger commented with three fire emojis. Since getting hitched in Montecito, California, on June 8, Pratt and Schwarzenegger have kept a relatively low profile. Per, the pair stuck around after the nuptials long enough for Pratt to spend Father’s Day with his 6-year-old son Jack (with ex-wife Anna Faris). The pair then reportedly jetted to a luxury resort in Lanai.

If Pratt’s cheeky snapshot is any indication, the adventurous pair made the most of their honeymoon by spending time exploring and — unfortunately for Pratt — lounging a little too much on Hawaii’s beautiful white-sand beaches.

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